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Justice is eventually served – Marion Browning-Baker is NOW DISBARRED and has permanently lost her law license. And it was served on Patriot’s Day too. How appropriate for the men and women who served our country and have been her “victims” for over 15 years after the US Army kicked her out as a JAG lawyer. Here is the link for the actual disbarment decision by the Georgia State Bar: ... Read more

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Marion Browning-Baker, who over many years while calling herself a "family law lawyer" in Germany had a lot of practice making false statements, misrepresenting the facts of her clients in order to wrongfully charge them more money, falsifying bills, and even lying under oath to her state bar – now calls herself "Ella Quinn, Romance Author" – and claims to be a fiction writer. She supposedly has... Read more

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Marion Browning-Baker continues to hide from the Georgia State Bar while she bills the last of her clients until she will probably lose her law license permanently. She has refused to go to Atlanta now on several occasions to explain to her state bar why she did what she to her clients. There are at least 5 complaints with the state bar now that she has refused to answer. There are at least 60... Read more

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We have 60 complaints at this point on this lawyer ripping people off since 1995. Most of the people have lost $25,000 OR MORE as she has billed them until they realize they are being ripped off and then fire her. We are betting that she will be totally DISBARRED by this Christmas. The word is that she ever REFUSED to go to Atlanta and answer questions asked by the Georgia State Bar which... Read more

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Today received its 60th complaint on lawyer Browning-Baker. Even though she has told the GA State Bar officially and in writing that she is "sailing most of the time and now living in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands" - although with no mailing address and no phone number provided by her - reality is that she is still living in Europe and still scamming clients with what she tries... Read more

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I am now working with a German lawyer, and after my property settlement is finalized, I will have my German lawyer start the process in finding Ms. Browning-Baker somewhere in Germany. This individual know my ex-wife, and consistently stated that she didn't know her. My property settlement was signed back in Dec 2009, and I did not know anything about it until I hired another lawyer in May... Read more

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One of Marion Browning-Baker's ex-clients informed our network (now a total of 59) recently that Browning-Baker NEVER DEPARTED Germany after all! She only moved apartments and changed her office (which doesn't exist other than her kitchen table) phone number to 49-711-222-54480. This number is answered by the same German public call center as it was before – same people even. She continues to... Read more

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Does anyone know where lawyer Marion Browning-Baker is hiding these days? Her 58 ex-clients who network regularly on the list maintained by all want to know! One of the 58, who claims she billed him over $20,000 without doing any real legal work other than write emails back and forth for almost a year, went to visit her at her apartment in Stuttgart a few weeks ago. Her... Read more

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Marion Browning-Baker, ex US Army JAG lawyer and currently presenting her status as a US Army Reservist, has been operating her "family law practice" out of her home in Stuttgart, Germany since 1996. The only problem: It is NOT a law practice but a systematic and methodical financial SCAM against every active duty service member, family member, and Department of Defense civilian which she can... Read more

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